Alexey Rusanov

UX/UI designer


Alexey Rusanov

Hello! I am Alexey digital UX/UI designer situated in Kaliningrad. I create elegant and user-friendly interfaces. My design improves the work of clients’ businesses.


A set of projects created by me over the last few years.

2023 Website and identity of the solar panel installation company.

A subsidiary of the company I have already worked with has started installing solar panels. I made a logo that continues the style of the parent company, corporate identity and landing page. I made a website using the Webflow service.

Rasum Solar

2022 Logo, identity and website of the IT company.

Russian-speaking IT businessmen from Germany named their company with the Russian word "разум" (meaning mind). I have made a company’s logo, in which I managed to put a certain philosophy, corporate identity and official landing page. I also developed this page by myself, using mixins in SASS and scalable fonts.

Rasum GmbH

2022 Personal website of the photo artist.

In close cooperation with the customer, I developed the logo, design, and helped in the selection of visual content. I also made a website based on the Webflow service.

Nepo Photography


2022 A system of web services for a travel company.

A comprehensive set of services for employees of a travel company:
— service for requesting the consent of clients to contact them and choosing the form of treatment (phone, mail, etc.),
— service of corporate blogs for self-presentation of the agent,
— internal wiki.
I thought over the UX and drew a design for ready-made business tasks.


Travel To Me

2021 The marketplace for travel products.

Startup (unfortunately, not realized) in the field of tourism. I thought through all the business logic here, conducted interviews, made userflows for different types of users, drew the design, then redrawn everything for a ready-made UI Kit for a specific framework.

Travel To Me

2020 CRM for a travel company

I developed the UX of the project (research, wireframing, information architecture) and the design of all sections. The interface is based on a ready-made UIKit for a specific framework.


2019 Corporate website design based on ready-made wireframes.

I’ve made the UI of a corporate website for the company providing visa processing services to different countries of the world. I used ready-made wayframes partially improving them. A thematic set of icons was drawn especially for the project.

Visa center

Hard skills

Adobe Photoshop

Soft skills

Communication skills
Critical thinking
Problem solving
Decision making
Working in uncertainty mode
Introspection and self-reflection